Bismillah Dua

As-salamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

Every Muslim has heard and used the word Bismillah in our day to day lives. Often times we use this word but do we know the actual meaning of this word? Are we aware of the importance of this beautiful word and its benefits?

Let us tell you that the meaning of the word Bismillah in Islam is Allah. In our religion, any important work that is to be done should be done with this word. It is said that the Prophet clearly said that the any small or big work that does not begin with the word “Bismillah” can never be perfect. In other words, if you are about to begin an important work, you need to say the word Bismillah in Islam to make sure that Allah gives you success in your aim.

Anyone who has read the holy Quran knows that it begins with this beautiful and auspicious quote: “Bismillah ar-rahman ar-rahim”. The English translation of this quote says “With the name of Allah, who is beneficent and merciful”. This precious quote is considered as the essence and heart of the holy Quran. The importance of this phrase increases for every Muslim because it consists of three names of our Almighty.

  1. The first and most obvious is Allah, and we all know that everything happens with the will of Allah.
  2. The second is Rahman, which means gracious. Allah is the most gracious towards those who believe in him.
  3. And the third is Rahim, which means merciful. It is only because of Allah’s mercy that we are all able to thrive in this world.

Now that we have understood the importance of the word Bismillah in Islam, we are now going to tell you about our work at Bismillah Dua.

Our team of Islamic astrologers is available 24*7 to help people with the problems they face in their day to day life. We begin our day by thanking Allah for giving us the knowledge of astrology so that we can help people. The people who want to get married (arranged of love) are in search of a good husband or wife. We help them with the most effective dua to help them in getting their wish fulfilled. People also seek help from us to be loved back by the person they have fallen deeply in love with.

We are now going to tell you the importance of each and every dua that has helped each and every client of ours.

  • Dua for love back

There are a lot of people who fall in love in a very short span of meeting someone. This love often happens at first sight as well. In this situation, it is almost impossible to think that the other person also might have fallen in love with them. Even though Islam has given us all the right to fall in love, we are not permitted to make anyone fall in love with us.

The people in such situation begin to lose hope of getting love back. But we have a solution about this problem. We suggest people to recite the dua for love back to make the person they crazily love fall back in love with them naturally. With the help of the dua for love back, people can steadily develop the feeling of love in their crush’s heart.

  • Dua for love marriage

A lot of people nowadays come to us with a wish of having a love marriage. Most of the people who want a love marriage have already found their partner. On the other hand, there are people who are unable to find the person to love as well. We suggest the dua for love marriage to both these kinds of people.

The dua for love marriage helps the people who have found their lover get married without any problems. These people get married without any kind of problems or disagreements from their parents or families.

This dua also is very helpful for people who are searching for the love of their life. This dua helps them in meeting their soul mate soon and then get married to them as well.

  • Dua for husband

We meet a lot of women who want to get married but are unable to find a good man who they can accept as a husband. The dua for husband has helped a lot of women in finding a good husband for them.

The dua for husband is also very helpful for the women who are already married. It helps these women in changing the situation of their married life. It brings back the happiness in their marital life that was lost because of the bad behavior of their husbands.

  • Dua for marriage

The dua for marriage is the perfect remedy for those people who are not getting married. The people who are stressed over not finding the right life partner need this dua.
The dua for marriage is one of the most efficient dua that has helped people in getting married to the person of their expectation. From the process of getting good marriage proposal to getting married and living a happy life is the result of this dua.

Any person who wants astrological help with any aspect of their life can contact us anytime. The contact details are provided on our website.