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dua for family happinessDua For Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is the dream of every couple who has tied the knot. A happy marriage is not where a couple always feels happy and loved, but also where they stand with each other through all the difficult phases of life as well. A marriage is considered to be happy when both the spouses love and respect each other. This state in marriage can be achieved with the help of the dua for happy marriage.

Whenever a marriage is fixed, both the bride and the groom try to communicate with each other more. This communication during from the time of the engagement to the wedding helps them to know each other better. The understanding that forms between the couple during this time is what makes the relationship and companionship stronger. For this to happen, the couple that is getting married should begin reciting the dua for happy marriage. The dua for a happy marriage makes both the partners understand each other better.

Let me now tell you how to perform the dua for happiness in marriage:

  • You should begin performing this dua on a Wednesday.
  • Perform ablution and sit down to pray.
  • Begin reading Surah Fatiha for seven times.
  • Read Darood Shareef for eleven times.
  • Take four almonds and recite this dua: “Qul in KuntumTuhIbunaAllahaFattabi-o’onee Ye Bibkumullaahuu Waa YaghfirLakumd’unoobakumWallahuuGhaafururuRahem”
  • Recite this dua for 51 times.
  • At the end, eat two almonds yourself and make your husband eat the other two.

Dua For Happy Married Life

After marriage, every couple should begin their new life with the dua for happy married life. Let me tell you the reason behind this. When two people get married, they commit to spend the rest of their lives with each other as spouses. Throughout their married life, a couple will have to face the ups and downs in their relationship. To make the marriage a happy space for both the people, this dua should be regularly recited.

The dua for a happy married life is a powerful dua that gives the couple the strength to have each other’s back. Whenever life makes them face a difficult situation, then this dua will guide them to face it with strength and confidence. This dua will never let anything come in between the couple. They will never even have to think of going on separate ways at any point in their life.

dua for happy married life

Dua For Family Happiness

While the dua for happy married life is useful for married couples, the dua for family happiness is helpful for the complete family. All the elders in the family always ask Allah to bless all their members of the family. To keep their family always happy, they regularly recite the dua for family happiness.

A happy family is a rare sight these days. People have forgotten the values of our religion and have now forgotten the importance of a family. People are now so selfish that they are ready to make their family members suffer for their evil intentions. If you live in a family that is full of such people, then you should recite the dua for family happiness.

With the help of this powerful dua, you can ask Allah to teach a lesson to all those people who always create a dispute in the family. The people who try to ruin other’s happiness will begin to realize their mistake as soon as you begin to recite this miraculous dua. Your family will once again become a family full of happiness and love.

Dua For Happiness And Success

When a person tries to excel in their career, their personal relationships begin to suffer. When one gives more importance to their personal relationships, their professional life becomes difficult. To find the perfect balance between both these aspects of life, dua for happiness and success should be performed.


With the help of the dua for happiness and success, a person seeks Allah’s blessings to be happy in both personal as well as professional life. This dua makes the person find the peace he or she has been looking for in their life. All the issues that have been ruining the happiness of their family will begin to disappear through the dua for happiness in life. Whatever issues were stopping them from succeeding in their career will be solved, Insha Allah.

dua for family happiness and success


Dua For Happiness In Life

Have you ever met a person who does not want to be happy in life? Everyone thinks that the issues they have in their life are the most difficult anyone can go through. But Allah makes us face these problems only for us to find the strength and confidence in our character to go on in life. With the help of the dua for happiness in life, one should always thank Allah Taala for all that we have in our life.

For more queries about this dua, call our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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