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Dua For Husband Love To Wife


Dua for Love of Husband

Every wife wants to be the apple of the eye of her husband. She wants to rule the heart of her partner and always be his queen. So, if your husband doesn’t treat you as a queen and you want him to love you more and to give you more time and attention, then you should recite dua for love of a husband. The dua will help you in getting the instant affection and attention of your partner. It will make him regain his lost interest in you and he will love you like never before.

A lot of husbands gradually lose interest in their wives because of the complexities in their day to day life or because of the passage of time. With time your relation may get dull and boring. If you fear that your spouse has lost interest in you and he doesn’t give you love like before or spends time with you like before, then it is possibly because of his lost interest. Well, the dua for husband love will make your partner love you with a new fire. It will re-spark the lost flame of love in your spouse’s heart and make everything better.

A lot of husbands tend to go astray in life and find other women alluring. If your partner finds some other woman more charming than you and he wants to leave you for her, then you should perform dua for husband love to wife. Insha Allah with the help of this dua, your partner will lose his interest in another woman and will come back to you. It will make your partner seek forgiveness for his disloyalty and Insha Allah, never in his life, he will ever cheat on you. His love for you will get purer and deeper.

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Dua For Husband Love To Wife

Often women desire a partner who could give them respect and space. They wish for a spouse who could care for them. Not all partners are caring and loving. There are some short-tempered husbands who hit their wives for no reason. If your husband is of that kind, then it must have been really hard for you. Spending life with someone who is rash and cruel is tough. Still a lot of women undergo this trouble for their kids. If you feel that your spouse is rude and doesn’t give you respect, then you should make dua to Allah Miyan for it.

When you make dua for a good husband, the Almighty changes the characteristics of your partner and bestows you with the qualities you desire in your partner. The dua can also be made by maiden girls who are going to get married to a husband they desire. Insha Allah, your partner will change for the better. He will behave better with you and never hurt you verbally or in action. No wife can bear the trauma of getting trapped with a bad partner all her life. It is very important to plead in front of Allah Talah to ease your life and bless you with a loving and caring spouse.

You can find out the right directions to perform this dua from our molvi sahib. He has great knowledge and experience in this field and he will give you the best Islamic solution for your problem. With his help, Insha Allah, your life will become easy and your partner will get more loving and caring towards you. Do not hesitate in sharing your misery with him. All your information is kept private with us and we don’t share it with anyone.

Dua For A Good Husband

As a wife, it gets tough for you to deal with a husband who is a drunk, addictive, or gambler. If your spouse has been involved in these activities, then it is very important to bring him back to normal life. Keep making dua to Allah talah with all your faith and devotion and Insha Allah, your partner will leave such bad activities. If your partner has left the house because of these activities, then make him come back by reciting the dua. You can get all the Quranic dua help from our molvi sahib. Find the best solution for your problem and don’t give up on your partner. A day will come when you both will be together for a better future.

Dua for love of husband

  • Daily recite Bismillah Hir Rehmanir Raheem
  • And then recite ayat number 9 of Surah Yaseen.
  • Blow on something sweet like sugar or sweets and then make your husband eat it.
  • Make dua to Allah Talah for your husband’s love.
  • Insha Allah, within 21 days your partner will start showering you with love, attention, and care.
  • “Wa Ja Alanan Min Ayatihi Ai Dihim Saddao Wa Min Khal Fihim Saddan Fa Agshaina Hum Fahum La Yubsiroon”

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