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Love Between Husband and Wife Dua


Love Between Husband and Wife Dua

Every relationship thrives on affection, trust, and loyalty. The lack of affection in a relationship may break it. Without affection, there will be fights, arguments, and a lack of understanding. And, this goes mandatory for the relationship of husband and wife. Yes, a couple can never last if there isn’t love in their marriage. So, if you feel that you and your husband have off lately started fighting a lot or there has been a stretch in your relationship, then you should instantly recite love between husband and wife dua and Insha Allah, it will mend your relation and make it better.

If you feel that with the passage of time your relation with your partner has become dull and there isn’t any fire or intimacy left in your relationship, then you should take an instant step for it. When you practice dua to increase love between husband and wife, it brings the two of you closer to one another and wipes out all the dullness and lethargy from your relationship. It will bring affection, attraction to your marriage and revive your relation.

Dua To Increase Love Between Husband and Wife

If you think that off lately your partner has stopped paying attention to you and he is spending too much time out of the house and is in contact with another woman, then it is very important that you make effort to bring him back to you. The dua for increasing love between husband and wife will help you in regaining the lost interest of your partner. It will make him withdraw his interest from the other woman and come back to you. Insha Allah, with the grace of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala, your spouse will never be disloyal to you ever again in life and he will always feel love for you in his heart.

Sometimes people may try to create differences between couples. This is especially

 possible in joint families where you have your in-laws with you and they may want their son to be in their control. If you feel that your in-laws are manipulating your spouse and they don’t want him to be completely into you, then you should practice dua for love between husband and wife and Insha Allah, your relationship will grow stronger and better with every passing day. Your husband will have no impact on their manipulation and he will understand you and love you with all his heart.

Dua For Love Between Husband and Wife

If you are a newly married couple and you want your marriage to be successful and prosperous, then you should make dua to Allah Talah for it. When you recite dua for creating love between husband and wife, then it makes a deep impact on the hearts of both the partners and they get attracted towards each other. It creates closeness in a couple and makes them fall in love. The dua works very strongly for newly married couples and creates a love that lasts for eternity. It will make your relationship grow in a positive manner and never let any differences come in between.

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Often you may be worried that your husband has got too much involved in his day-to-day life and he is only worried about his job and business. He doesn’t give you the importance he used to give and neither likes spending time with you. If you feel that your spouse isn’t giving you the affection and time he used to, then you shouldn’t be bothered, rather make dua for your relation and Insha Allah, things will get better in your life. The dua will pave way for a healthier and better marital relation.

Dua For Increasing Love Between Husband and Wife

Marriage is a powerful relation and it is the duty of every husband and wife to give their 100% to it. If by any chance, either of the partners lacks or fails to give their 100% then the other has to make effort. Pray to Allah Talah to change the heart of your partner and Insha Allah, things will gradually recover. Your spouse will change the way you want them to and they will love you in the most amazing way. Always be positive about your relationship and never let any negative thoughts discourage you. Remember your prayers have the power to change your fate and it will definitely mend your relation.

The Love between husband and wife dua

  • Daily after performing the namaz of Isha, any of the partners can recite this dua.
  • Recite Ya Wadoodoo Ya Kareemo 100 times.
  • Practice “Surah Kausar” 41 times and then with a clear heart and lots of pleading make dua to Allah Talah to create love between you and your spouse.
  • Insha Allah, your home will also become peaceful.

Do not give a gap in it and practice it continuously for 15 days before you notice any changes in your marriage. Slowly you will notice good changes and love growing.

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